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AB Academy

Tailored Training Courses

AB Network Academy offers customized training courses designed in-house to meet your organization’s specific needs. Taught by external trainers or our own professionals at AB Network locations, these courses deliver targeted and impactful learning experiences. Enhance your technical skills and foster professional development with our tailored training programs. Contact us to explore how our courses can drive success for your organization.

Entry Requirements

At AB Network Academy, we maintain a high level of training excellence as the leading authority in ICT network infrastructure technology. To ensure your success and enable you to obtain a certificate, we have established specific conditions and entry requirements for certain training programs.

In addition, we expect a high level of dedication, creativity, concentration, and flexibility from our participants. Some training sessions may take place in the evening, and you will be required to devote personal time to complete study assignments.

By upholding these standards, we strive to provide you with the best opportunity for a rewarding learning experience and professional growth.


AB Network is a leading authority in ICT network infrastructure technology, offering tailored training courses designed to meet the specific needs of organizations. With a focus on high-quality instruction and impactful learning experiences, our courses are delivered by external trainers and AB Network professionals at our convenient locations. We maintain rigorous entry requirements and expect dedication, creativity, concentration, and flexibility from our participants. Additionally, we encourage initiative and collaboration to address individual training needs. By fostering technical knowledge and personal skills, we empower professionals to excel in their fields. Join us in our commitment to continuous learning and finding innovative solutions.

Training session

AB Network offers professional training sessions tailored to both individuals and groups. Our comprehensive range of training programs includes dynamic options such as Bootcamps and Knowledge sessions, covering a wide array of subjects relevant to the industry. These sessions are scheduled regularly to ensure continuous learning opportunities, or they can be organized upon request to meet specific needs and preferences. Our expert trainers deliver engaging and informative sessions that equip participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in their roles. Stay ahead of the curve with our impactful training sessions.

After work session

AB Network presents exclusive After Work Sessions designed to keep your company or individual IT experts up-to-date with the latest industry advancements. These sessions offer a unique opportunity to engage with our knowledgeable employees and product experts from renowned vendors. Through these sessions, we provide insights into cutting-edge IT technologies and the ever-evolving landscape of security developments.

Our After Work Sessions are thoughtfully planned by AB Network in collaboration with our esteemed technology partners. These sessions can take place at various locations, ensuring accessibility and convenience for participants. Alternatively, sessions can be organized upon request, allowing you to tailor the event to a specific location and subject of your choice.

Stay informed and gain a competitive edge with the After Work Sessions offered by AB Network. Experience firsthand the transformative power of the latest IT innovations and stay one step ahead in the dynamic world of technology.