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CCNA/Network Knowledge Assessment

Session date : 15/05/2018


CCNA is nowadays a must-have certification for any IT professional who intends to pursue a career in networking technologies and services.
Our CCNA assessment offering addresses the needs of students that want to:

      • Check their knowledge before attempting to pass the exam or
      • Assess their knowledge to determine which specific topics they should focus their study on in order to         maximize their probability of success while optimizing their study efforts.

This assessment can also be used to simply assess network engineer’s knowledge to point out areas of possible improvement.


The objective of this service is to assess candidates’ knowledge in order to help them determine their study plan to successfully pass the CCNA v3 (200-125) certification exam or to simply help them define the areas of networking knowledge they should be focusing on to improve their overall networking expertise.


Session date : 15/05/2018


500 EUR

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Our CCNA assessment consists of a three hours online assessment that takes place in our AB Academy. Immediately after this assessment, each student benefits from a personalized debriefing with one of our senior networking experts.
Within 24 hours, the participants receive a report that summarizes the score per CCNA exam topic and provide guidance for an optimized personal study.
This assessment addresses all topics that are covered in the CCNA exam:

   • Network fundamentals;
   • LAN switching technologies;
   • Routing technologies;
   • WAN technologies;
   • Infrastructure services;
   • Infrastructure security;
   • Infrastructure management.


The participants should normally already feel relatively confident in the different topics that are part of the CCNA exam.