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Troubleshooting HTTP and HTTPS related performance problems – from the theory to the usage of PerformanceVision

On demand


Many applications today are based on HTTP and HTTPS protocols.
PerformanceVision can greatly assist you in finding the origin of the problems related to Web applications but a basic understanding of HTTP(S) protocols are key to understand web applications normal behavior and detect any deviations from the baselines.


This training aims to help participants gaining a very good understanding of all key conceptual components of HTTP and HTTPS transactions. This knowledge can then be immediately put in practice by using PerformanceVision platform.


On demand


1200 EUR
The number of potential participants is not limited.


This 1 day training is organized as follows :
• HTTP in TCP/IP stack;
• What is HTTP;
• Basic principles;
• HTTP traffic structure;
• Wireshark HTTP graphs;
• PerformanceVision HTTP performance metrics;
• Examples of HTTP troubleshoots with Performancevision;
• Analyzing HTTPS traffic;
• HTTP traces analysis.


This training takes place at the customer’s premises. The trainer needs to get access to the customer’s PerformanceVision platform.
The participants should be familiar with:
• the general networking concepts like TCP/IP;
• the basic usage of PerformanceVision.

Each participant has to bring his/her laptop with the free Wireshark tool installed.