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HTTP(S), VolP, FTP, POP and SMTP protocols decoding and troubleshootin

Next sessions : 03/04/2018 - 12/06/2018 - 09/10/2018


Many organizations use monitoring and troubleshooting tools but few of them are really able to take all benefits from these solutions.
The reason is quite simple: a tool that is able to automatically troubleshoot complex performance degradation problems does not exist. Nothing will ever replace the human expertise that is required to interpret the information provided by such monitoring platforms.
A detailed transactional analysis of performance degradation problems is only possible if there is an understanding of network protocols in place.
This training focuses on the HTTP(S), VoIP, FTP, POP and SMTP protocols.


This training aims to help participants acquire the necessary basic technical knowledge about HTTP(S), VoIP, FTP, POP and SMTP protocols. It will help them troubleshoot performance problems related to these specific protocols.


Next sessions : 03/04/2018 - 12/06/2018 - 09/10/2018


500 EUR
Price per attendee : 500 € VAT Excl.


This 1 day training is organized as follows :
• HTTP(S) protocol
o HTTP in TCP/IP stack ;
o Roles of HTTP ;
o Basic principles ;
o HTTP traffic structure ;
o Wireshark HTTP graphs ;
o Analyzing HTTPS traffic ;
o HTTP traces analysis.
• VoIP protocol
o VoIP in TCP/IP stack ;
o Roles of VoIP ;
o VoIP basic principles ;
o SIP call setup analysis ;
o VoIP traces analysis.
• FTP protocol
o FTP in TCP/IP stack ;
o Roles of FTP ;
o FTP basic principles ;
o FTP traces analysis.

• POP/SMTP protocols
o POP/SMTP in TCP/IP stack ;
o Roles of POP & SMTP ;
o POP/SMTP traffic structure ;
o POP/SMTP traces analysis.
• Hands-on labs on HTTP(S), VoIP, FTP and SMTP protocols.


The participants should be familiar with the general networking concepts but no specific skill is required to participate to this training.
Each participant has to bring his/her laptop with the free Wireshark tool installed.