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There are lots of great tools on the market that help managing IT infrastructure performances. Nevertheless, none of them are magic by performing automatic performance degradations root cause analyzis. Human's brain remains a critical part of the puzzle.

AB ACADEMY | Definition

This "troubleshooting expertise" is rarely found on the IT market and related trainings are difficult to find. This is the reason why the AB Academy has been founded : to help organizations gaining experience in analyzing network traffic on all 7-layers of the OSI model. But, before trying to troubleshoot complex multi-tier applications related performance degradations, it's important to master the basic network concepts and protocols. With this end in view, AB Academy first course focusses on analyzing the main network protocols, from a theoretical point of view as well as practical exercises (labs on analyzing usual and unusual network traffic).

AB ACADEMY | Sessions

This first course has been organized in 6 half-day sessions.
The course begins with a review of the main network communications concepts :
  • OSI and TCP/IP models
  • Network communications principles
  • Where & How to capture network traffic
  • Wireshark tool basics

AB ACADEMY | Analyze

After this introduction, each network protocol is analyzed in details :
  • Definitions/principles
  • Analyzis of usual traffic
  • Analyzis of unusual traffic
Each student has the opportunity to practice each protocol in details during labs. The protocols that are studied are DNS, ARP, DHCP/BOOTP, IP, ICMP, TCP, UDP, HTTP, FTP and SMTP/POP. The training can be organized on demand depending on the number of attendees. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information on abacademy@abnetwork.be or 04/259.92.20